November 1, 2018

Halloween 2018

We kept Halloween pretty simple this year. One of Bubba's favorite shows is Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. The plan was for Bubba to dress up as Cat Noir, I was going to dress up as Ladybug and Andy was going to dress up as Ladybug's dad (a baker). We had planned to go to Trunk-or-Treat and take Bubba trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.

What actually ended up happening was far different from what we had planned and that was okay-- that's life sometimes. Bubba was the only one who dressed up, he looked really cute! He loved his little tail. We took him Trunk-or-Treating with some non-member friends. He had no interest in Trunk-or-Treating. He was super interested in the popup tent that had popcorn, a bubble machine, strobe light and that was playing fun music. With a bag of popcorn in hand, he danced to the music while watching bubbles and the strobe light for about thirty minutes. He didn't want to leave, he was in Heaven!

Halloween night it was cold and wet, Andy worked late, so we opted to stay home.