November 13, 2018

Weekend In Review

Andy came home early from work on Friday. He had eaten something that had been sitting in the fridge longer than it should have and he got really sick-- food poisoning. Between him feeling ill, my pregnancy cravings and an empty fridge we opted to order pizza. We invited our neighbor over to come and eat with us. It made for a nice, easy and relaxing evening. My Mom showed up later that night, she had previously planned to come down for the weekend.


I love to cook breakfast! On Saturday we made green juice and we tried out a new recipe, we made Croque Madame. This dish is one of my new favorites! It's so good! I will have to share the recipe in the near future.

After we ate we decided to go thrift shopping. We were in need of a toddler bed and a dresser for Bubba. At the first thrift store I found a pair of Borne boots in like new condition in my size, I was so excited! I have been looking for a pair of these beauties for years, but couldn't bring myself to spend +$100 for a pair of boots. I picked them up for $20. I will have to wait until after baby comes to wear them though because of the swelling in my feet.

Our old stake in Eugene gets the D.I. trailer once a quarter. Before things are loaded into the trailer, they have what they call a Pass-Along-Party. Anything that someone is going to donate is set out in the church gym on tables, anyone can take what they want, whatever is left at the end is then loaded into the trailer and donated to D.I. The last time we went to a Pass-Along-Party we didn't find very much, this time though we scored.

The first thing I saw when we walked in the door was a toddler bed for Bubba, that was an answer to our prayers. Someone found some tools and we were able to take the bed apart and fit it in the car. We also came home with an art easel for Bubba and an old wooden desk. We picked up a bunch of name brand little boy clothes for Bubba and my nephews. We felt so incredibly blessed!

We hit up one more thrift store and then headed home to take a nap (I try to nap when Bubba naps).

When we put the toddler bed together and put Bubba's mattress on it we immediately discovered a problem. The bed was 11 inches longer than the mattress. We hopped online to see if we could find a longer mattress and discovered that nobody sells them except for Ikea and their mattresses are essentially a piece of foam. We decided to cut 11 inches off the bed. Then we cleaned all of the boards and did a little touch up paint-- the bed looks good as new and Bubba loves it! I'm so grateful that Andy knows how to fix things. 

Later that night my Mom and I headed back out to hit up some more thrift stores. Andy was kind enough to stay home and put Bubba to bed. My Mom wanted to find an Instant Pot and I was on the hunt for a dresser.

We walked into the third thrift store for the night and I was beginning to feel skunked, I wasn't having any luck finding a dresser. I did manage to find a really cute wooden kitchen for Bubba though, it will be part of his Christmas.

About this time, my Mom made a comment that I always find the best kitchen stuff at the thrift stores. It's true. Once I found:
  • a $700 professional grade Vitamix for my sister for $200, it was still under warranty. 
  • a steamer canning pot for me and one for my Mom. 
  •  two strainers for canning applesauce (one for me and one for my Mom). 
  • a brand new Cuisinart juicer for $20.
  • a brand new pressure cooker that retails for over $300 for $25.  
We got in the car to head home and I decided that we should check out one more thrift store on our way home. As I was walking down the aisle I said, "Look what I found Mom." She looked and said, "No way!" It was a brand new in the box Instant Pot for $49.99. She couldn't believe it. Honestly, I was a little surprised that I found it myself.

I found a few Melissa and Doug wooden tractor puzzles, a box of diapers and a brand new in the box water table for Bubba. Just the week before a friend was telling me that she thought Bubba would really like a water table, I had no idea what they were. She showed me a picture of one and I knew she was right. He's going to have a lot of fun next summer with his water table.

For those who live in the Eugene area and don't know, when Target gets returns, receives an item with a defect or can't sell something that is seasonal fast enough they sell those items to Goodwill. Goodwill typically marks the prices down significantly and then resells them. The items that have come from Target have a purple tag on them.


Andy, Bubba and I went to church. After church Andy helped my Mom setup a website before she headed home.

Bubba and I made a lemon and herb pork tenderloin and butternut squash mashed potatoes, they were really good! Bubba enjoyed mixing spices and dumping them all over the floor, he had a blast!

Mixing spices.

Look at those long eyelashes.


Monday wasn't a good day for me. I woke up in the middle of the night and knew instantly that I was going to be sick. I got out of bed and ran as quickly as I could to the bathroom, where I immediately started throwing up. Talk about a rude awakening.

I went back to bed but didn't sleep very well. I had some weird pregnancy dreams.

When I got up in the morning I felt beat! I had to get up though because I had a doctors appointment. Thankfully Andy had the day off and he was able to stay home with Bubba.

When Mom gets home and you decide that she isn't allowed to get out of the car.

Cleaning the garage with Dad.

Mixing up feed for the chickens.

As the day went on, I didn't feel much better. I felt incredibly tired, incoherent and nauseous most of the day. I'm so glad Andy was here to help.

One of the highlights of the weekend for me was watching Bubba put on my Mom's heeled boots and stomp around the house saying "boots." He learned how to say boots this past week. He tried to put on my boots and they looked like chaps on him, the came almost to the top of his thighs. It was super cute to watch him!