July 18, 2014

Zip Lining With A Twist

While we were out at the cabin we learned that there was a zip line. Somehow we missed the zip line on all of our previous trips to the cabin. Since zip lining was something I had wanted to do, we decided to go for it. Andy, Brittany, Wyatt, and I all took turns zip lining on Saturday.

Sunday morning before we left I looked at Andy and said something along the lines of, “I know its Sunday but I really want to go down the zip line one last time.” He told me that I better go fast and he raced to the zip line with me. He grabbed the rope and hauled the seat to the top of the hill. I climbed into the seat and away I went.

As the zip line came to a stop I saw something black and fuzzy just above my head. I thought it was a bee and I let out a scream, I am terrified of bees. However, I quickly realized that this black fuzzy bee was not a bee; it was a black widow lowering its self on a web toward my face. I freaked and did a fast maneuver to get out of that seat.  When I looked back up at the seat I noticed that the spider was gone and thought he must have fallen on the ground with me.

I ran as fast as I could up to Andy screaming because I thought the spider was on me and I didn’t want to get bit. When I reached Andy, I was out of breath and it was hard to talk. He just kept laughing at me thinking I was running away from a bee. When I told him what really happened he became a little more concerned but kept laughing. It's too bad we didn't get the black widow ride on camera that would have been great!

Moral of the story, keep the Sabbath Day holy and don’t go zip lining. You may take a ride with a black widow.

*This was one of the scarier things I have experienced, I’m glad I was kept safe.

July 11, 2014

A Weekend Getaway

We spent May 3rd and May 4th out at the cabin with Bret, Brittany, and Wyatt. Andy and I love going to the cabin. We enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and being out in nature. We spent the day hiking, zip lining (more to come on this later), playing games, watching movies, barbequing, shooting guns, and relaxing.
Andy practicing.
My turn to shoot.
Brittany, Wyatt, and Bret.
We learned that Wyatt likes pancakes with blueberries.
Thanks Brittany and Bret for letting us have one last hoorah with you at the cabin before the move! We had a blast!

July 9, 2014

Hiking Big Springs

On Friday May 2nd we were able to spend some time with our friends Trent and Kirsten and their son Tanner. We (Kirsten and I) thought it would be fun to hike Big Springs in Provo Canyon.  We had heard that the trail was a pretty flat and 4 miles round trip.
Andy thought it was pretty cool that this tree was growing out of another tree that had fallen over.
The hike was not flat at all; it was a gradual incline the entire way. When we reached the area where the springs were supposed to be, we quickly discovered that the spring had already dried up for the year. It was kind of disappointing. On a positive note we saw some wild turkeys. I would make my turkey noise and they would talk back to me. It was pretty entertaining.
Me and Andy.
I think out of the four of us that Trent got the best workout. He carried Tanner on his back the entire way. Way to go Trent!
Tanner and Trent.
Tanner and a sweaty Trent.
Trent and Andy.
After our hike we headed back to the house to eat food and play some games. It was a great night!

July 1, 2014

Thought For The Day

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Energy and persistence conquer all things." I have been thinking a lot about this quote recently and I can't help but think how true it is. Have you ever achieved or accomplished something in life without putting all your energy into it? Can't say that I have. These words motivate and inspire me to do and be more.