November 7, 2018


As a parent, I think it is normal to wonder if your child is developing at "the normal rate." Sometimes I worry because Bubba doesn't say much. But, he understands a ton and he knows how to communicate what he wants quite well.

Everyday, we read books together. Bubba picks out the books he wants to read and we read them. As we read, he points to all sorts of objects in the pictures. It is my job to tell him what the objects are. Recently, I decided it would be fun to see what he would do if I told him the wrong name for the object he was pointing at. He knew I told him the wrong name and he refused to move his finger from the picture until I said the right name. I'm telling you he is a smart little boy.

Each morning while we eat breakfast together I read a few pages out of a church book. The other day as I was reading, I turned the page and there was a picture of Christ. Bubba smiled and he pointed to Christ. He wanted to know who Christ was. I told him that was a picture of Jesus, he immediately said, "Jesus" in his cute little voice. We flipped through the remainder of the book looking for photos of Christ, each time we came across a photo of the Savior I would ask Bubba who that was. He would point at Christ and say, "Jesus."

This morning Bubba picked up my book and started flipping through it looking for pictures of Christ. He was having a hard time finding a picture, but he kept saying Jesus. I saw this as a teaching moment, we opened the book and looked at every picture in it. He would point and I would tell him what was going on. 

I'm so proud of my little boy, even though he doesn't say much, he is learning. He has come to recognize who the Savior is and it makes me so happy. I hope that as he grows so does his love of learning and love of the Lord.