November 24, 2018

An Early Thanksgiving

On Sunday we went to church and celebrated Thanksgiving (yep, we celebrated early this year). Since it was just me, Andy and Bubba we tried to keep things simple. I cooked my first ever turkey, I'm bias but it was the most flavorful and moist turkey I have ever had. I soaked the turkey in a brine overnight, let it air dry for thirty minutes, stuffed the turkey with garlic, onion, celery, rosemary, sage and black pepper. Then we put butter and fresh rosemary on the top of the turkey and put the turkey in a turkey bag with whole wheat flour and baked it. It was so good! We also had rolls, cooked carrots, sparkling cider, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and a homemade triple berry pie. Bubba was a stinker and he wouldn't touch anything on his plate.

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is going around the table and saying what we are grateful for. We have been very blessed and have so very much to be thankful for.

This year I am grateful to live in the United States. I am grateful for all of the freedoms we have. I am especially grateful for the right to bear arms and the freedom of religion. I am grateful for the military personal who protect this beautiful land that I call home. I am grateful for my knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for my family and the love and support they give me. I am grateful for modern medicine and doctors who help keep us healthy and strong. I am grateful that my husband has a job and that he is willing to work hard to provide for our means. I am grateful that I live within a days drive of a temple. I am grateful for my home, bed, clothing, running water, healthy food, heat, cars, friends, nature, good music and electricity.