November 25, 2018

Monday, Monday

Monday was a busy day. It started off with a chiropractic appointment. We ran home so Bubba could take a nap, while he napped I cleaned and reorganized two of our three freezers. Then we ran to the airport to pick up Julie and headed straight to my OB appointment. I was a little concerned because I hadn't felt a lot of movement that entire day. My doctor had me do a stress test that sure got baby moving! The doctor told me that I was having contractions and asked if I could feel them-- nope.

My stomach stretched so much that it has started to peel like a sunburn. The doctor let me know that my stomach can't really stretch anymore. I guess that explains all of the new dark purple stretch marks that seem to be popping up every day on my belly.

Nana (Julie) brought us an entire suitcase full of homemade freezer meals, the freezer meals filled up about half of one of our chest freezers. I am so grateful for those meals, we will definitely be eating them after baby comes.