November 14, 2018


Bubba loves his binky! It is his comfort object and he pretty much brings it everywhere with him. Recently we noticed that a gap was starting to form between his top and bottom teeth-- our hunch is that this gap is from the binky. We decided to start weaning Bubba from the binky.

For the past week or so, we have taken the binky away from him once he wakes up in the morning. He gets it back for his nap and we take it away once he wakes up. And he gets it back just in time for bed. The first few days he would go looking for his binky, but that has stopped now. He doesn't seem to miss it much during the day. I'm thinking we will probably try taking it away from him during nap time next week.

Since we started taking the binky away, Bubba has started saying a lot more words. He now says: thank you, boots, Jesus, amen and kitty. I'm curious to see what words he learns next.