July 26, 2016

A Russell Story

Now that it's blog official that I am pregnant, I feel I can share the following story.

My little brother Russell is seven years old. Over the last several years he has said the following things to me: "Where do babies come from?" "When are you going to have a baby?" "I think there is a baby in your tummy." "Is there a baby in your tummy yet?"

Shortly after we found out we were pregnant, we told my parents our news. For some reason, I assumed that they had told my brothers-- this wasn't the case.

I hadn't talked to Russell in awhile and one night when he was on the phone with me I said, "There is a baby in my tummy." What followed was this:

Russell: (Silence)
Julie: "She can't see you on the floor."

Apparently he fell on the floor in shock.

I received a text shortly there after saying that Russell prayed that we would have either a girl baby or a boy baby and not just a baby.

I sure do love that little squirt!

This past week he told me that my baby needs to hurry up and get here so he can play with it.

July 18, 2016

The Temple

I love visiting the temple! I look forward to each trip we make to the house of the Lord. I can't help but take a photo of the temple each time we go.

The Temple.

July 5, 2016

4th of July

Fourth of July was a little more low key for us this year. We both had to work the next morning, so the big fireworks displays were a no go for us. Instead we went the day with our friends Dani and Donny.

Andy was so excited to walk out of the store with 4 bags of chips.

The boys spent the day smoking salmon and ribs-- it's a man thing right? We gorged ourselves on salad, watermelon, chips, asparagus, and the a fore mentioned meats.

We played some board games and just enjoyed each others company. For us, it was the perfect way to spend the holiday.

July 3, 2016

U.S. Olympic Time Trials: Track & Field

Coming from a long line of runners, it was natural that my siblings and I all ran track and/or cross country at some point. In my case I ran track for six years and cross country for four years. When I learned that the U.S. Olympic Time Trials for track and field were to be held in Eugene I was stoked! I hadn't been to a track meet since high school and this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn't pass up. Andy and I purchased our tickets and waited for the big day to arrive-- I think mostly I did the waiting, he had never been to a track meet before and didn't know what to expect.

We woke up early Saturday morning and headed to historic Hayward Field. We watched all kinds of events: long jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put, discus, javelin, 100 meter, 400 meter, 800 meter, and the 10,000 meter run. Andy and I both agreed that watching the women's 10,000 and the men's and women's long jump were our favorite events. We were both amazed at how fast the women could run 25 laps around the track, it was just over thirty minutes--they were really fast! It was also amazing to see how far both the men and women could jump. The exercise scientist in me, enjoyed looking at their toned and muscular bodies and watching the muscles contract-- I know nerdy.

Women's 10,000 meter run.

These lovely ladies just qualified for the Olympics.

So excited for them!

Me and Andy trying to stay cool.

Love the "Run Forever" message.

Andy & I.

Was it worth sitting in the hot sun all day? You bet! I'm excited for all of the athletes who qualified for the Olympic Team and wish them the best in Rio!


It's been along time coming and it's been hard to keep quiet, but a little one is on the way. We are excited!