November 22, 2018


I really should be napping right now, but I can't sleep. I have been throwing up since I woke up this morning. Each time I lay down to sleep I get sick again. That is not at all how I anticipated today going.

The past week and half has been quite the whirlwind. It all started with Bubba. He had a poopy diaper and I asked him to go grab his wipes. I soon heard him in my room saying "Eww yucky!" I came into the bedroom to discover that he had put his hands down his poopy diaper. He had poop on his fingers and was trying to flick it off onto my carpet. And it appeared that he had put his poopy fingers in his ears.

I quickly had him get in the shower with me. I finished showering and he was playing in the tub. Next thing I know, he has climbed out of the tub and is standing on the toilet. He proceeds to pee all over the bathroom counter, cabinet, floor, toilet and the new roll of toilet paper.

Back to the tub he went. While in the tub he fell and bit his cheek, it drew blood. It was quite the morning for us. The day went on and it didn't get much better. He whined and cried for most of the day and I could not figure out why. By the time Andy got home, I was done and ready for some peace and quiet.

Thursday we had a play date with our neighborhood friends. We made some really cute Thanksgiving crafts with our little ones. And Bubba painted his first picture ever.