July 31, 2017

The Hot Season

I think it is safe to say that we have entered the "HOT" season here in Oregon. Temperatures have climbed into the 90s this week. When it gets to be that hot out, it is too hot to play outside (exceptions: water activities and hiking in the woods).

We stayed inside most of this week. We did sneak off the library for story time, but otherwise we stayed home.

The "tickle gloves" make great slippers.

I am running for a position on the H.O.A. Board of Directors and spent just about every evening knocking doors with my 84 years old neighbor trying to get people to come out and vote. I'm excited to see how things pan out with the election in a few days. I'm hopeful I can get on the board and we can make some much needed changes.

Bubba, you decided this week that it would be fun to start rolling. You've known how to roll for quite some time, but you weren't interested in it. I think now that you have realized you can move around on your own you are enjoying it. You roll all over your room, it is so fun to watch you!

Look what I can do!


The other big milestone that occurred this week was you sleeping in your own bed in your own room. You did surprising well. We will see how this next week goes.

July 24, 2017

Uncle Shaun Comes To Visit

Little one, as you go through life you will come to learn that every family has their trials, struggles and problems. Some challenges are harder than others, but somehow we manage to get through them. Our hope is that you never have to experience the bad and hard things that we have experienced.

One of the trials we have been going through has been going on for many years now. One of the downsides of this trial is it has caused some family relationships to be non-existent. A few months ago, we learned that your Uncle Shaun felt like he didn't know us, we were saddened by this. We invited him to come stay with us for a month. He wasn't able to come for an entire month, but he was able to come and visit for six days.

We played really hard with Uncle Shaun while he was here.


Monday was beautiful and sunny, we decided to hike up Spencer Butte. It was a relatively easy hike. We had to stop a lot for me to catch my breath. I'm not used to hiking with a twenty pound baby strapped to my front.

On the top of the butte we took in the view and Uncle Shaun fed the squirrels.


We went to pick blueberries only to discover that the field was closed. We made the best of the situation and decided to drive up the road a little bit further to the Leaburg Fish Hatchery. Uncle Shaun had never been to a fish hatchery before. He enjoyed looking at the fish and feeding them.

Then we went to Daddy's work for lunch. Uncle Shaun spent the rest of the day with Daddy at work- he thought Daddy's job was very boring.

We tried to go swimming that night but swimming lessons were going on. We opted for playing at the park instead. We put you in the baby swing and you hated it.


We started the day off with story time at the library. We all enjoyed listening to the stories and singing songs with the storyteller.

Then we drove out to the coast. We spent the afternoon at the Heceta Head Lighthouse. We enjoyed looking out at the ocean and watching the waves crash in. We all put our feet in the water, it was cold but we all had fun getting wet. This was your first time to the ocean, Bubba.


We made a trip down to Winston to go to Wild Life Safari (this was the one place your uncle really wanted to visit). We learned that Uncle Shaun's favorite animal is an elephant and we thought we would surprise him by making arrangements for him to touch an elephant. He was really surprised when we told him what he would be doing. Not only did he get to touch an elephant, he had an elephant paint him a picture!

Then we drove through the park to see all the animals, we let your uncle drive (he just got his learners permit- don't worry he has been driving farm equipment since he was about eight years old). He did pretty good driving, except for when he hit the gas pedal too hard and peeled out next to the bears lol.

We walked through most of the walk through area of the park and then piled back into the car to drive through the park a second time (Daddy drove this time). We like to drive through the park just before it closes because it's not as busy and you can often get a better view of the animals.

For the first time ever we saw the rhino up close! Your Daddy was so excited to see the rhino, he drove on some staff roads so we could get closer to it (ssshhhh don't tell anyone).

On the way home we pulled off on the side of the road so Uncle Shaun could try fresh blackberries- they grow like weeds here. He loved the fresh berries! He said he didn't like blackberries before, but these were nothing like the berries you buy in the store.


Mommy got smart and called the blueberry farm to see if they were open this time, they were, so we went berry picking. Daddy and Uncle Shaun at so many berries off the bushes that they felt sick. We let you eat some berries too, Bubba, you loved them! We came home with 32 pounds of berries.


On Saturday we went up to Blue River Reservoir and went stand up paddle boarding. Uncle Shaun and I went out on the boards first. We saw a few salamanders swimming in the water as we were out on the lake. While we boarded, Daddy played with you on the shore.

Then Mommy and Daddy switched places and Daddy went out on the water. Daddy and Uncle Shaun had a great time. Daddy even fell in. Oops!

That evening we had a bonfire in the backyard and roasted smores.


We were up at 3:50 am to take Uncle Shaun to the airport. We were sad to see him go and he seemed  sad to leave. We hope he had a good time and that we comes to visit us again soon. More importantly though, we hope he feels like he knows us a little bit better.

July 21, 2017

Bubba At 8 Months

My sweet little boy, how is it possible that you are eight months old already? You are growing up far too quickly! You have changed so much since the day we first met you in the hospital, that day feels like an eternity ago.

You have such a sweet nature and disposition about you. It has been fun to watch your sense of humor develop and come out- yes, you have a sense of humor.

You love taking in everything and everyone around you. We constantly find you looking around and studying everything see. You enjoy smiling and talking (baby babbling) to anyone who looks at you.

We've been told on numerous occasions that we need to enter you in a cute baby contest- maybe we should look into that. "That's the cutest baby" is a phrase we hear quite often.

At eight months old you love to jump and kick your legs. You love to be held and have to be able to see Mommy or Daddy. You know how to roll and sit up but don't enjoy doing either. Don't worry we aren't pushing you to crawl, we want you to grow and develop at your own pace.

You are a really good eater and have to taste everything. You love to put anything you can get your hands on in your mouth.

Sleep is something you aren't so fond of. Mommy and Daddy haven't slept a solid 8 hours since you were born. Some nights are rougher than others, as in we are up 5 times in 7 hours to change very heavy wet diapers. Hopefully someday soon, you will start sleeping better.

You are our world little one! We sure love you and we hope you know it too!