October 30, 2018

Family Time

My family (Dad, Julie, Nathan & Russell) came to visit this past weekend and it was wonderful! I couldn't remember the last time they were here and welcomed the visit.


Julie, Nathan, Russell, Bubba & I walked to the park. The boys loved playing on the playground! When we got back to the house, we put Bubba down for a nap and then headed to the local beauty school. The boys both got their haircut and I got a pedicure.

Back at the house, Dad & Andy worked on the Toyota. We thought that the Toyota needed new brakes and it takes two people to do the job. With Andy getting home after dark and with the stages Bubba is currently in right now, I wasn't able to help Andy change the brakes-- I'm grateful that my Dad was willing and able.

Once they got in to change the brakes, they discovered that the brakes were fine. There was a piece of metal that was bent so they fixed that and they changed out the rotors-- the car runs do much better now! I'm grateful that my Dad and Andy know how to fix things, it saves us so much money.

We had planned to go to Jurassic Quest which was in town for the weekend, but it had bad reviews so we opted to go play mini golf instead. Bubba loved throwing rocks in the water feature and playing with our golf balls and clubs. Andy was a good sport and played a good portion of the game with a Bubba sized plastic golf club. Nathan ended up winning overall. Afterwards we went out for Hawaiian food, it was really good!

Bubba & Nana.


We went to Stake Conference in the morning and spent the evening playing games as a family before my Dad had to fly out. Everyone else flew out Monday morning.

Washing his hands at church.

It was so good to see my family! It was nice to get a little break from being a pregnant mom 24/7, my family helped watch Bubba and they did the cooking so I could get off my now constantly swollen feet.

I loved watching my brothers play with my little boy. Bubba really likes his Uncle Russell! And I think Uncle Russell really likes Bubba too!