December 27, 2018


Christmas was a little different this year. It was our first time celebrating Christmas as a family of four. It was also our first time celebrating Christmas was just our little family, usually we celebrate Christmas with either mine or Andy's side of the family.

We don't have a lot of Christmas decorations but these are some of our favorites:

Finances have been tight with all of the recent medical bills (Andy's surgery and me giving birth to Bear) so we opted to not spend a lot on gifts. Honestly, it was really nice to not focus on gifts but to focus on Christ, each other and serving those around us.

Christmas Eve we watched a few Church produced films online about Christmas and we read the book Small One.

This is one of my favorite childhood books/movies.

The next morning we woke up and dug into our vintage stockings that my Nana made many years ago. Bubba was so thrilled with his stocking that he didn't even notice the few gifts under the tree. Then we bundled up and walked to the other end of the neighborhood to eat breakfast with our adopted family, the Porter's. Breakfast was fabulous! Bubba is in a weird phase right now and he won't eat food at anyone else's house-- he missed out on some good food.

We went home and called our families and opened our gifts. Bubba was thrilled to have a few new toys! We opted to wait to give him his biggest gift until the next day.

The next morning a row of Disney's Cars cars lead to the garage from Bubba's bedroom door. He was tickled to see all of the cars. Once he got to the garage he found a Cars table complete with a wooden track from his cars to drive on. As you can probably imagine, he spent most of the day in the garage. It has been really fun to watch him play with his new toys!

I love Christmas! I love the special spirit that accompanies this holiday. I love reflecting on the love of our Savior Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father-- they truly do love us. I know I am far from perfect, but I sure strive to live my life in such a manner that I emulate the Savior.