December 6, 2018

Things I Want To Remember About Bubba At Age 2

My little boy is growing up and changing so fast! I wish time could slow down just a little bit. He recently started saying a bunch of new words. I want to remember the way he says, "Thank you" in his cute little voice. I want to remember the phase where Andy was "Mama" and I was "Mommy." I want to remember the way his feet sound on the wooden floors as he runs up and down the hallway. I want to remember that cars, trucks and tractors are called "gugus". I want to remember the way he nuzzles up against my ever growing baby bump. I want to remember the way he says "Eww yucky" each time he sees a garbage can and the way he presses his face to the window to watch the garbage man pick up the trash each week.

I want to remember his "sneaky feet." And they way he looks at you and waves "bye" when he wants you to leave so he can do something mischievous. I love the name he has given himself, "Dududu" since his own name is too hard to pronounce. I love listening to him point out each stocking hanging on the wall and saying who it belongs to. It makes me smile each time he points to the baby's stocking and says "Baby."

These stockings used to hang over my Nana's fireplace. She made each of them.

I love seeing the excitement on his face each time he looks at our nativity and points out the donkey, it's his favorite! I sure love this little boy and am glad is a part of my life.

He loves to point out the donkey in this book.