December 17, 2018

Names We Considered For Bear

I have always struggled with naming things. As a child my dolls were known as Boy Baby and Girl Baby. My stuffed pink rabbit became known as Pink Bunny. And my pet hedgehog was named Hedggie. The struggle is real I tell you. 

When you don't know the gender of you child before they are born, it is wise to come up with some name ideas for both genders. Andy and I had a handful of girl names that we both really liked, but boy names were a real struggle for us. I like names that aren't super common or generic and there are not a lot of names that meet that criteria.

We had both written out a list of names. After Bear was born we pulled out our list and started trying to figure out what his name was supposed to be. For some reason none of the names on our lists were standing out to either of us. As I sat in my hospital bed for two days looking down at this little one I was drawn to a particular name. I shared that name with Andy, he mulled it over and eventually we both came to the conclusion that that was to be Bear's first name. Bear's middle name was just as much of a struggle, Andy and Julie chose it. I love Bear's name and I feel like it fits him perfectly.

Bear shares that same name as one of my second cousins. I have never known anyone else with the same name. On that note, Bear's pediatrician said in his 18 years of practice he has never had a patient with that Bear's name either. I will take that as a win for not having a common name.

Here are the names we considered for Bear and didn't use.

Maxwell a.k.a. Max