December 18, 2018

Bear's Birth Story

Bear is stubborn like his older brother and he didn't want to come. His due date (December 6th) came and went, this at times was frustrating for me. I tried everything I could think of to get labor started. I had several chiropractic adjustments done to my feet, I had a pedicure and the lady really massaged my legs and feet, I tried acupuncture, I went on long walks, I ate pineapple and I even tried going on a tractor ride-- nothing helped.

The date for induction was set for December 13th. Andy and I arrived at the hospital at 7:00 am, We were met by one of Bubba's nurses Sabrina. What are the odds of having the same nurse for both babies-- I scored in the nurse department!

Feeling incredibly nervous and hoping things don't go the way this did with Bubba.

Sabrina took us up to the labor and delivery wing of the hospital and got me setup for the induction. She had a hard time getting the I.V. placed and had another nurse come and place it in my other arm. Having the I.V. placed wasn't any fun! I became really warm, nauseated and started seeing stars, both nurses reassured me that that is a common response.

By 8:00 am I was all hooked up and the pitocin had started. The goal was for me to dilate a centimeter an hour. When I arrived at the hospital I was already 3 cm.

Time passed quickly. Julie arrived at the hospital after having dropped Bubba off at one of my friend's houses.

At some point in the afternoon I decided to sit in the jacuzzi tube. As I was sitting in the tub I started having sciatic nerve pain and I knew it wasn't good. I asked Julie to let the doctor and nurse know that I wanted an epidural.

As soon as I got out of the tub the pain intensified. They told me someone would be there within 30 minutes to place the epidural. Thirty minutes came and went. With each passing minute the pain worsened.

I was informed that all of the anesthesiologists in the hospital were in O.R. and they would have someone to help me as soon as they could.

The pain continued to increase. Each time I had a contraction I felt immense pain in my sciatic nerve, I couldn't even feel the contractions. Sabrina tried to get me to breath through the contractions but it didn't help.

My doctor came into the room and was waiting for the anesthesiologist with me. I cried out and asked her to cut my leg off-- the pain I felt was indescribable. I have a really high pain tolerance and this was probably the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life.

Nearly an hour later an anesthesiologist finally made it to my room. By this time I was 7 cm dilated. My doctor had the anesthesiologist send something down the epidural line first to deaden my nerve pain and then came the epidural.

They did a much better job placing the catheter this time. When I had Bubba I could feel catheter each time I had a contraction-- that didn't happen this time.

Next thing I knew it was time to push. My doctor had me get into position. Andy and Julie were both by my side. Julie counted and coached me through my contractions.

After about forty minutes of pushing my doctor asked if she could cut me. She said that I had some tissue down there that was tight and it was her belief that if she cut me the baby would come right now. I gave her the go ahead and two pushes later Bear made his entrance into the world.

Andy cut the umbilical cord and Bear was placed on my chest for skin to skin. He promptly peed all over me.

One tired Mama.

He came in weighing 8 pounds and 13 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. He was over a pound heavier than his brother.

I couldn't help but notice how chunky he was. I just love the hair on his ears and his little man boobs-- so cute!

We attempted to get a photo of his hairy ears- they are much hairier than this.

We are so glad that Bear arrived safely and that he is part of our little family!

A proud Daddy!

Bubba meeting Bear for the first time. He was so excited!

Don't mind the towel or the nasty plate of food. Just admire the little boy with the cup of water-- pure joy!