December 8, 2018

Car Problems

You know the saying, "When it rains, it pours"? I feel like that statement sums up well when trials come into our lives. I was driving the other day and I noticed that the car was making a funny noise. It didn't sounds like anything too serious, but I made sure I mentioned it to Andy.

Andy was swamped with some major projects at work, you know the kind that require you to go into the office at 3:00 am on Sunday. So Julie and I took the car to a shop and asked them if they could tell us what was wrong with the car. The lady mechanic said we needed to change the oil. That didn't seem right to Julie or I so we drove down the road a few more miles to the dealer. The mechanic at the dealer took a quick look at the car and instantly said we needed a new water pump. They could switch the pump out in an hour, but it was going to cost a pretty penny. We called around and found a new pump (located across town) for a fraction of the cost. We debated about what to do and decided to take the risk of driving across town for the pump. If our current pump went completely out on us, the engine would be shot.

Julie and Andy spent several hours outside in the dark and freezing cold fixing the car. Thankfully they were able to get the part switched out.

A few days later the car started smoking. Andy was able to determine that the radiator had a leak. Thankfully the auto parts store had one in stock and a friend in the ward came to help Andy switch out the park in the cold, dark, rain. The car seems a good as new now.