November 25, 2014

Pumped Up Kicks

Growing up my siblings and I ran track and cross country-- some people say we are born runners. Here are a few throwback photos from cross country my senior year of high school, fighting through the pain of achilles tendonitis.

Our coaches always stressed the importance of having properly fitting running shoes. Picking out a good running shoes isn't as easy as going to the store and just grabbing a shoe off the shelf. Everyone's feet move slightly differently when they run (neutral, pronation, or supination), I decided many years ago that I prefer to go into a running specialty store to have someone watch me run on a treadmill and recommend a shoe.  I have tried many different brands of running shoes over the years (Adidas, New Balance, Asics, & Brooks) and have grown to love running in Brooks.

Andy and I wanted to run a 5k for Thanksgiving and decided it was time to invest in some new running shoes. Running shoes are good for about 500 miles and ours were looking pretty shot.

Ironically we both ended up getting the same shoe. The only difference is that his are mens and mine are womens and the color of course.

Andy and I love our new shoes we are excited to see where they will take us.