November 1, 2014

Alaska Adventure

This year my Dad organized a fishing trip to Alaska and he invited Andy to come along on the adventure. The boys (Dad, Uncle Robert, Uncle Glen, Andy, Jake, Russell, and Steve) flew Ketchikan on Sunday September 14th and flew back on Thursday September 18th.

The boys. Love Russell's fist pump.
Looking through the clouds at the islands below.
Flying into Ketchikan.

The airport in Ketchikan is on an island and you have to take a ferry to get to the mainland.

Leaving the airport.
Russell pushing the cart.
Andy, Uncle Glen, & Uncle Robert on the ferry.

They fished from sun up until sun down just about everyday. Andy says, "This was the best fishing experience of my life." He really enjoyed reeling in the big ones.

Getting an early morning start.
The marina.
Getting ready to go out on the water.
Russell-- he accidentally fell off the dock one day. He said it was really cold.
Another fishing boat.

Uncle Robert.
Uncle Glen.
A nuclear submarine happened to pop up out of the water.
So proud.
Vacuuming packing the fish.

The loot.


 I'm glad the boys had a good time. Hopefully they can make another trip to Alaska in the future.

Our freezer is officially full of fish. I'm not sure what we are going to do with all of the fish, since I won't eat it.