November 6, 2014

My Best Friend's Wedding

Sometimes in life we are fortunate enough to meet people who become friends for life. It doesn't matter where you are or how long it has been since you last talked, you just seem to pick up right where you left off. It is friends like these that I deem "best friends".

I met my best friend Betsy back in sixth grade. Over the years Betsy has become like a sister to me and I think of her and her family as part of my own family. I love Betsy so much! She has been such a good friend to me. She truly is a gem! Words can't express how much I care for my friend.

Betsy & Ashlee-- just chillin'
We were jailed.
Road trip to Leavenworth.
Me, Megan, & Betsy hanging out.
Hanging with the butlers on our cruise.
Safety drill.
Down by the waterfront.
When cell phone selfies were the "new" thing.
Andy said I had to share this photo. This was not Halloween and drugs were not involved. We simply decided to play dress up.
I was so excited when I found out Besty was going to be getting married. I was also excited that I was going to be able to attend her wedding-- I'm telling you living in Oregon has its perks.

Betsy was married on  September 27th to her sweetheart Will. The first time I met Will was at the wedding, he seems like a great guy. Betsy and Will were so incredibly happy and I am so happy for them. I am sad that my best friend has moved away but I am so excited for them!

Betsy and Will's wedding was amazing! Her wedding was by far the most beautiful wedding I have ever been too. Here's to you my friend. I love you!

The chapel.
The ceremony.
Leaving the church.

The cake was stunning!
View of the cake from the top. Julia is such an amazing florist!
Me & Megan.
We loved the photo booth!