November 3, 2014

Car Accident

We stopped at the bank on our way home from work one day. Andy hopped out of the car and went to draw some cash out of the ATM. I was sitting in the car waiting for him when I felt the car lurch forward. It took me a moment to figure out what happened, someone just backed into the car while I was sitting in it.

I turned around to see the car getting ready to pull away. I quickly hopped out of the car and yelled, "You just hit our car." The lady turned and looked at me and you could see her contemplating driving off. I yelled again, "You just hit our car."

She pulled into a parking spot and then I yelled to Andy and he came over. At this point I was in shock and don't recall a whole lot. He looked at the car and didn't see any damage so he told them (the people in the car) that it was their lucky day.

It was their lucky day but my unlucky day. Most of the muscles in my neck and back have been incredibly tight. I went to the doctor and am now in physical therapy, not sure how long all of this is going to last but I hope it ends soon. I don't like being in pain.

Since this was our first car accident Andy didn't really know what to do and we didn't their insurance information. We are hoping our insurance rates don't go up.