November 15, 2014

A Trip To The Temple & The Haunted Corn Maze

On Saturday (October 18th) Andy and I made a trip to the temple, since the temple is two hours away we don't get to go as often as we would like. While we were driving to the temple Megan called,  she said she had two more names for us to take to the temple. This news made me so excited! I love doing family names!

When we first got to the temple we spent some time walking around the temple grounds, the Portland Temple is absolutely beautiful!

As we walked into the temple we were greeted by a man who looked familiar. Andy and I both thought to ourselves, "I know this man." But neither of us could figure out how we knew him.

Later as we were going about our temple business I ran into a woman I knew from church, I instantly realized that the man who greeted us was her husband. We really did recognize him!

This sister in the ward said that she really enjoyed mine and Andy's talks and that she and her husband just loved us. I wasn't expecting her to say anything like that, but it made my temple experience all the more sweet.

On our way home we decided to stop at Deseret Book, this is always a treat since the bookstore is also two hours away from our home. Andy and I each bought a book to read and one other small item--I picked out a new journal. Something about new journals makes me excited to write.

When we got home we literally had 10 minutes to change our clothes, eat dinner and be out the door for the combined Young Men and Young Women's activity. The youth took a vote and decided that they wanted to go to the haunted corn maze this year, we had 20 youth in attendance.

We enjoyed getting to know the youth and youth leaders in our ward better. Neither of us thought the maze was scary, but the girls sure did. I'm glad the girls had fun.