November 11, 2013

Yard Sale + Dirty Dash

On September 14th we had a combined yard sale with some of our friends in the neighborhood. It felt so good to go through and get rid of things that we don't use or need anymore. Making a little extra money is always a nice perk too! Overall the yard sales was a success and I'm glad we did it.

Later in the afternoon we headed up Provo Canyon to Soldier's Hallow for the Dirty Dash. If you aren't familiar with the Dirty Dash, you can watch a video of it here. The video on YouTube is an old one but the course and obstacles are essentially the same.

We started out running almost a mile before we can to the first mud pit and it was the mother of all mud pits. It was so hard to get out of the mud, we banded together with some strangers and worked to push and pull each other out of the pits.

 Some of the other obstacles included running through tires (like they do in military shows), climbing/jumping over hay bales, crawling through draining pipes, monkey bars, water slides, jumping over wooden walls, etc. The one obstacle that I did not complete was the monkey bars. I started out on the monkey bars and soon learned that dried mud on your hand rubbing against the metal of the monkey bars in really painful. Andy was a champ and did all of the monkey bars.

The weather that day wasn't too bad. There were some scatter rain showers and thunder storms in the area, but nothing hit us. When I saw the dark clouds I kind of freaked out. After our adventure on Mt. Timpanogos the week before, who wouldn't freak out?

We had so much fun running the Dirty Dash! We laughed every time we got covered in more mud. I was so proud of Andy, this was his first 10K. Would we run the Dirty Dash again? Definitely! Would we do anything differently? We would park closer to the starting line.

Since we were in last heat, we had to park far away from the starting line. After the race they have some hoses you can used to rise off, the water is cold but not too bad. If you don't like cold water you can pay for a warm spray down. As we were walking back to the car the wind picked up and we were both instantly frozen.

After our race we went to Dairy Keen in Heber to eat. I love Dairy Keen! In my opinion, Dairy Keen has the best burgers in Utah. Just talking about them, makes me hungry.