November 25, 2013

Hit & Run 5k + Tracy Aviary

Andy's little brother spent the night with us on October 11th. The next morning we woke up and had the breakfast of champions, green smoothies. Shaun had never had a green smoothie before but soon discovered that he loved them. (I will try to share some of my favorite smoothie recipes soon).

After breakfast we drove up to Salt Lake to run a 5k called the Hit & Run. This was the first time that the Hit & Run was being held in Salt Lake. We all had a lot of fun running this race. We especially enjoyed the obstacles. If you have ever seen the TV show Wipe Out, the obstacles were like that and you would run in between each obstacle.

Andy was a champ and made it through all of the obstacles without getting wet. I fell into a pit of bubbles, the pit was so big that the bubbles covered my head. When I walked out of the pit, all Andy could do was laugh.

We had a lot of fun running and doing the obstacles together. I was really proud of Andy, this was his first 5k ever.
Crawling off the last obstacle.

Walking to the water station.

All done running.

Andy and I.

Andy, Me, and Shaun.

Us again.

Would we run this race again? Probably not. It was a fun race to do once ,but once was enough for both of us. The course itself was not that exciting, we ran up and down a parking lot.

After the race we stopped to get some food and then we headed over to the Tracy Aviary. Andy and I had never been to the aviary before, but we both really enjoyed it. If you have never been, we recommend it.
Me outside the aviary.

This bird was one of my favorite, it had really long eyelashes.