November 26, 2013

Frightmares at Lagoon

On October 18th we decided to go to Lagoon. My favorite time to go to Lagoon is in the fall. In the fall the weather is cool and the park is a lot less crowded. I have never understood why anyone goes to Lagoon in the summer when it is so hot out. Besides being hot in the summer, they lines are incredibly long.
Pumpkin tower.

In the fall, Lagoon sets up a variety of haunted houses. We started out the evening by walking through what was supposed to be the scariest haunted house. This haunted house was not scary, but it was gory.

Next we hit up the rides. We managed to ride almost all of the rides in the park in about two hours. Our last ride of the night was going to be Colossus but on the ride before that (Wicked) Andy decided to stick his arms up in the air. As we came around a turn he clocked me in the eye with his elbow. Talk about an instant headache. We decided that it would probably be better to skip the roller coaster and hit up another haunted house instead.

We found ourselves in line for the fun house. As we were waiting in line we became friend with some clowns, these were probably the creepiest looking clowns I had ever seen (Note- I am not afraid of clowns. Come to think of it I was in clown training once, but that is a story for another day). They all talked in really high pitched voices like they had been sucking helium, it was really funny.
Me, Andy, and some clown friends.

More clown friends. Check out their teeth.

We had a lot of fun in the fun house and were actually scared a few times. If you find yourself at Lagoon in the fall, this is the haunted house to go to.

This was Andy's first time going to Lagoon in the fall and be absolutely loved it. I think I have convinced him that the fall is the best time to go.
Andy and I.