November 22, 2013

Best Cousins in the World

I like to think that I have the BEST cousins in the WORLD. My family is kind of unique in that we don't have any cousins on my Mom's side of the family. Growing up my closest cousins lived almost five hours away. I always looked forward to that long drive knowing that once we arrived at my cousins house that I would have a blast!

Family Reunion on the Oregon Coast

I have many memories of the time spent with my cousins. As a little girl I remember my cousin Amy taking us to pick berries, later that day she made some of the tastiest treats with them. I remember her sister Heather, making me activity books (I think I still have one laying around here somewhere). I remember my cousin Kelly playing the drums for us and showing us his shark (it was dead in a jar, as a kid I always thought it was so cool!). I remember playing "Skunk" with Becca downstairs.

Me, Megan, Amy, Becca, and Jessica at Grandpa Bruce's funeral.

Becca and Christian's wedding.

Andy, Me, and Becca at the Nickel Arcade.

 I have fond memories of sleepovers at my Aunt Renee and Uncle Todd's house. I remember staying up late laughing with Brittany and Kaylee. I recall time spent riding horses and sledding down a very scary hill. I remember running away from Ben and my brother, Jake. I recall many days spent at Trent Elementary playing on the playground and counting the cars on the trains as they would pass by.  I remember talking track with Cade and talking wrestling with Eli. I remember watching Rachelle as a little  tyke walk around at our family reunion in Canada.

Kimberlee and Kaylee at the family reunion in Oregon.

Julie and Sadie riding horses.

Kaylee and Kimberlee riding horses.

Me, Auntie Joann, Brittany, and Becca at Auntie Joanne's house.

Me and Brittany having a whipped cream fight with our friend Jon.

Eli, Brendan, Rachelle, and Cade at the family reunion in Oregon.

Brittany and I when we were roommates.

I remember my cousin Jandre doing my hair and makeup for special occasions. I recall making CD's and playlist with Kimmy and writing cousin letters back and fourth. I remember camping and sledding/snowmobile adventures with Jason, Chad, and Bryce.

Me, Jason, Kimmy, and Megan.

Sadie and Chad making "The Face."

Jason and I.

I remember Cooper, Emma, and Samuel coming to visit us over the holidays. I remember going to memorial services and our mom's going black Friday shopping. Aunt Kimberly always knew how to score the best deals.

Brendan, Cooper, Samuel, Casey, and Nathan wrestling at the reunion in Oregon.

Brendan, Cooper, Samuel, and Casey at the reunion in Oregon.

Emma at the reunion in Oregon.

I have fond memories of Casey learning to ice skate and laying down on the ice during practice because he was tired. Now he can out skate me any day.

Casey came to visit our family one weekend.


Casey at age 4.

I recall many camping trips with the cousins growing up. I'm so grateful to be a part of the Noack family and for the love that my family has for one another.

Family reunion at Lake Roosevelt.

I have grown and so have my cousins. We may live far away from each other but I feel so much love for them. I know that I can call any of them anytime and that they will be there for me.