November 4, 2013

The Aftermath Part 5 of 5

On our way home, we called our families to tell them we were okay. We also stopped to grab some food as it had been awhile since we had eaten.

We got home only to find that our power was out, so much for taking a hot shower. We grabbed our food and drove to our neighbors house (they had power). Unfortunately, they were not home so we waited for them. It was so nice to be able to go somewhere warm.

Later that night we went home, the power was still out and we crawled in bed. The power came back on around 4:00 am. We later learned that a tree in our yard had been hit by lightening during the storm and it caused our power to go out, talk about bad luck.

We woke up the next morning and got ready for church. I looked in the mirror for the first time since our hike to discover that my face and legs were covered in mud. My face was wind burnt and my legs had all kinds of red dots on them, they looked like small sunburns.The red dots were where I had been hit by the hail. The dots later turned into the pretty nasty purple and blue bruises.

My lesson that day for church was titled "Faith In Every Footstep." As you can imagine I shared part of my story with my class.

While we were at church we learned that the wind speeds in the valley when there storm hit were 70 miles an hours. Some parts of town were under 5-7 feet of water and many basements in our neighborhood flooded.

I achieved my goal and feel accomplished. I don't have a desire to climb that mountain again but I know I will have to at some point to overcome my new fear of it. I will never be able to look at the mountain the same again. Every time I drive past the mountain I still look up at it in wonder, but this time I think to myself "I can't believe we were up there and that we survived the 16-18 mile journey."

We feel incredibly blessed to be here today. We are so glad that the Lord spared our lives. We were truly guided every step of the way down that mountain.We learned a lot of lessons on the mountain that day, but the most important lesson we learned that day was how precious and fragile life really is.