November 19, 2013

Hiking Stewart Falls

Andy and I decided to hike up to Stewart Falls on September 28th. Neither one of us had hiked Stewart Falls before, so we weren't sure what to expect. The weather was great that day and the trail was easy to navigate. I really enjoyed walking through groves of trees that we turning colors. The colors and scenery were so beautiful. We had a lot of fun.
Me on the trail.

The trail and a snow covered mountain in the background.

Andy and I.

Andy and I at the base of the falls.

I did it!

Me sitting at the top of the falls.

Andy at the top of the falls.

We enjoyed exploring the area around the falls. We enjoyed exploring so much that we decided to try and take a shortcut on the way back. Little did we know that the shortcut did not exist. We got kind of lost and ended up making our way through some heavily forested area. It was really hard to get your footing in this particular area, the ground was sloped and wet leaves were all over the ground. During this adventure I managed to get whipped in the face with tree branches a few times, it really hurt.

Overall though we really enjoyed ourselves and being out in nature. Would we hike Stewart Falls again? I think so. If you have never hiked it before, I recommend it. Would we do anything differently next time? We would stay on the trail. Getting whipped in the face is never fun.