March 28, 2017

Names We Considered For Bubba

I recently stumbled across a piece of paper that had a list of possible name options if Bubba was a boy. We really thought he was going to be a girl and had narrowed the girl name down to two. But we really struggled with boy names. I checked out books from the library, asked people what names they liked and browsed the internet for ideas. I wanted an old fashioned name that wasn't common. I liked the idea of the name either being earthy or literary. Here's what we came up with in no particular order:

Skyler - Reminds me of our adventure skydiving.
Mason - This has been a favorite of mine for a long time but it recently made the popular list.
Miles - Reminds me of all the miles we have hiked.
Rainier - Reminds me of home and my dreams.
Bubba's real name
Addison - This is one of my favorite names.
Beau - I have always loved this name.
Bjorn - Love the way this name is spelled.
Grayson - Made the list the night before I was induced. It popped into my head as we were laying in bed and we both liked it.

When Bubba was born and we learned that he was a boy we had no idea what we were going to name him. We mulled over the decision for a few days. We narrowed down our choices down to two, his current name and Grayson.  We would look at Bubba and say both names out loud. Every time we said "his" name he smiled that is how we knew he wasn't supposed to be a Grayson. He really picked out his own name and it fits him oh so perfectly.