March 27, 2017

A Birthday, Illness & A Visit From Family

A lot went on this past week. Mommy had a birthday and caught a cold the same day, all she wanted to do was sleep but you had other things in mind Bubba. All you wanted to do was party every hour of the day for three days in a row, it was pretty brutal. You pretty much refused to sleep and just wanted to eat.

Bubba's first time smelling flowers.

I like to wear my pants on my head like Mom does.

We decide it was time to try to start introducing solid foods to you and so far you like everything you have tried: applesauce, rice cereal, avocado, puffy rice crackers and banana. Here's hoping the extra food will help you sleep better and night.

More family came to visit this weekend too! You met your Aunt Megan and Uncle Daniel, Cousin Hazel, Aunt Sadie and her fiance Joel. We went on a 4 mile walk together, ate food, went thrift shopping and enjoyed watching you two babies interact.

Hazel & Bubba.

Aunt Megan & Bubba.

Aside from a lack of sleep and a cold,  I'd say it was a pretty good week.

I like my bathtub.

I even like sitting in it when it doesn't have water.