March 21, 2017

Bubba At 4 Months

I can't even believe it has been four months since you joined our little family. I can't begin to imagine what life would be like without you. We waited so long for you and are so glad you are here. You have grown so much already. Where did my newborn go? It makes me sad to see how quickly you are growing. I know I should be excited about each milestone you reach, I am, it just makes me sad how quickly time is passing us by.

At four months old you love to take baths. You just love to kick and splash in the water. You have become quite the talker, you are by far the most talkative baby in our parenting group. You'll carry on a conversation with just about anyone and anything. You like to stand and walk (with Mommy or Daddy holding you up of course). I know we shouldn't encourage you to walk, but you enjoy being up and on your feet. You think sleep is overrated and prefer to be awake- you're going to cause us to age quickly- oh how I miss sleeping. You don't particularly like your car seat and you HATE stoplights. You scream nearly every time we get stopped at one. That scream of yours, it's ear piercing. You love to smile and your smile just melts my heart. Stay sweet forever my sweet little babe.