March 20, 2017

Grandparents & Pee Patrol

Your grandparents and your great grandparents (on Daddy's side) were here with us for a few days. The grandpas and Daddy worked really hard all week out in the garage putting in insulation, sheet rock and shelving. Mommy even helped a little bit, she learned how to use a skill saw and a drill. It was a very big undertaking but we were incredibly grateful for the help. It will be so nice to have a clean and organized garage.

Great Grandpa & Daddy.

While the men worked the grandmas held you, and held you and held you some more.

Daddy bought you a pony, but your not quite big enough for it yet.

After our company left you surprised us in the pee department. You decided it would be fun to pee on Mommy and Daddy's bed three times in one day. During one of your pee episodes you managed to pee in your own face. There was SO MUCH pee! The pee pooled in your eyes. All Mommy could do was laugh. Daddy asked Mommy to get something for your eyes and she brought him a cup full of water. He looked at her and said, "What did you bring me water for." Mommy replied, "To flush his eyes out." It was quite the adventure. The funny thing is it happened the next day too. Oh Bubba, what are we going to do with you?