December 5, 2016

Flying Solo

It's been two weeks since you were born, the time seems to be flying by. Today was our first day home by ourselves, Daddy had to go back to work. You didn't like not having Dad around and were very difficult for Mom. When Mom went to change your diaper you were peeing and peed all over her hand. You were fussy pretty much the entire day and refused to sleep, normally you sleep most of the day. Mom tired everything to soothe you, but you wouldn't have it. Mom cried. Eventually you fell asleep for a whopping 20 minutes, Mom was relieved.

This week you learned how to grip things, you discovered Mom has hair and you like to grab it, you are learning to look around and hold your head up. You learned how to lay on your side and are learning how to sit up. You gave Mom her first kiss. You started sleeping with your eyes open and snoring, just like Dad. You like to grunt. You poop a lot and have had many blow outs this week- we have become diaper changing pros. You umbilical cord fell off this week too- that was a bittersweet moment for Mom, it was the last thing that tied you to her and the womb.

And Dad brought home a monster sized Christmas tree. He was super excited about it! It's the largest Christmas tree we've ever had.