December 26, 2016

Bubba's First Time On An Airplane & Christmas

You had some really big milestones this week, Bubba. The first milestone was that you went on your first two airplane rides. You flew with Mommy, Daddy and Papa from Eugene to Portland and from Portland to Salt Lake. Mommy was really nervous about flying with you on the airplane- don't worry, you did great! You slept during both flights.

Papa with Bubba.

Mommy on the airplane.

Bubba asleep on the airplane.

As we landed in Portland you pooped a lot. You pooped so much that it went through you diaper, clothes, and all over your Ergo- Mommy and Daddy had to wash it by hand in the airport bathroom. You pooped 3 outfits while traveling to Utah- it was awesome!

Our first stop after arriving in Utah was the chocolate factory.

Dad was literally a kid in a chocolate factory.

You finally met Uncle Brendan, he was super excited to see you! He gave you lots of cuddles and loves! He thinks you are super cute!

Our little bear.

Ninja baby.

Bubba and Pam.

On Christmas Eve we met some family friends at their church (they're Baptist). We sang Christmas carols, listened to music and lit candles. As we left the church it started snowing. We went back to the house and watched the movie Joy To The World.

Papa & Nana.

We woke up in the morning to snow, lots and lots of snow. It was beautiful! We opened Christmas gifts and hung out at home with Mommy's side of the family.

Nana Claus.

Nathan & Brendan.

Russell & Brendan.

Nana & Bubba.

Papa, Bubba & Mommy.