December 19, 2016

A Baby Shower & A Visit With Santa

I can't believe it has been 4 weeks already! That's just crazy! This week has been interesting to say the least. The little bell from your circumcision finally fell off, I think that has been a relief for all of us. Since that thing came off you have been a much happier baby!

You got put in time out a few times this week. The first time you went to time out was because you would not stop crying. Mom tried literally everything to get you to calm down but nothing would work. She finally put you in your rocker and just had to walk away. You stopped crying after about 10 minutes and then Dad walked in the front door. As soon as the front door opened you resumed crying for about another 10 minutes. It was a bit stressful for everyone.

We went to your baby shower this week. You were so good while we were at the party! Monica showed Daddy some tricks and tips for how to better get along with you! You came home with some new clothes, toys, and diapers- it was great! We're so glad to have people in our lives that love and support not only us but you too!

One night you signed "I love you" to Mommy and Daddy. It was sweet! We don't think you knew what you were signing- one day you will though.

You learned that you like taking baths- you take after Mommy in that respect. You sprawled out in your bathtub and let Mommy and Daddy pour warm water on you. You loved it! One night while in the tub you launched pee up into the air and it landed all over Mommy. Good job buddy!

We also learned this week that you aren't the only one who pees their pants, Daddy does too!

Toward the end of the week we went to the Santa Clara 3rd Ward's Christmas Party (that's our old ward). All of our friends were so excited to meet you! You got all kinds of cuddles and loves! You were the youngest person to sit on Santa's lap that night.

Luke with Bubba.