November 28, 2016

A New Life, A New Journey

You came into our lives one week ago, yet it feels like we have known you forever. Our little family of two has officially grown to a family of three, now that you are here it's hard to remember what life was like without you. You complete us.

The birthing process wasn't easy for either of us, I'm so sorry that things didn't go quite as planned and that you have battle wounds to show for it.

I don't recall much of our first moments together, you see I hadn't slept since Friday and you didn't make your appearance until Monday afternoon. When we first met I was completely and utterly exhausted.

On your birthday, we learned you were a boy. This surprised both Daddy and I. We didn't find out your gender, but we had a feeling you were a girl- boy were we wrong! We soon learned you had dimples (you get those from Papa) and piercing blue eyes (those also come from Papa- we aren't sure they will stay blue though).

Your first car ride- on the way home from the hospital.

A sleeping baby.

This is one of our favorite photos of you! Look at that little grin!

You like to lock your legs when Dad goes to change your diaper. This pose is know as Diaper Defense Against Dad.

Look at those cute little feet!

Another sleeping baby.

On your second day here on Earth, you showed us your smile and it melted our hearts. We look forward to seeing your toothless grin each day.

While in the hospital, you peed in your own face. You quickly learned that you don't like that wet stuff and let out a cry. You didn't learn that lesson well enough though because you peed in your face again.

Yesterday you laughed for Daddy and I, we were so surprised! We didn't expect you to laugh for quite some time.

We have learned a lot about you this week Mister Man. We learned that:

You don't like cold wipes - thank goodness someone invented a wipe warmer.
You favorite place to be is on Mommy's chest.
You enjoy when Mom and Dad sing to you, it helps calm you down.
You don't enjoy having your diaper changed and frequently poop and pee while Dad is changing you.
You don't like having your skin exposed.
Car rides aren't your favorite.
You are a night owl and keep Mommy and Daddy up- that's going to have to change.
You enjoy looking around at your new environment.
You are allergic to latex just like Mommy.
You have Mommy's fingers, toes, and ears.
You have Daddy's eyebrows and lips.
You have a ton of hair! It grows on the back of your ears and on your back- not sure where that came from.
You don't like your swing, you just want to be held.
You like to give us the stink eye but it comes with equal amounts of smiles.
You have figured out how to escape the mittens, socks, and hat- we have pretty much given up trying to keep them on you.

We love you so much! You have changed our lives for the better. It's crazy to think that you are only going to be this little for such a short while. Please don't grow up too fast, stay sweet, and be patient with us as we learn how to be parents.