December 12, 2016

Circumcision & Bodily Functions

It's been three weeks since you came into our lives, time is passing by far too quickly. This past week was rough. Mommy and Daddy took you in to be circumcised- we really didn't want to, but knew it would be better for you in the long run. You didn't much care for the doctors office, it was cold when they made us take off your clothes to be weighed. After that Daddy wrapped you up in a blanket and held you close until it was time for your procedure. We prayed for you that things would go well. We heard you crying from across the building and it broke our hearts, Mommy cried too. When you came back you had tears streaming down your face, this was the first time Mommy had seen you cry with tears. You were pretty somber the rest of the day.

The next day you whimpered the entire day, Mommy felt so bad for you. Don't worry though, you got Mommy and Daddy back by keeping us up all night with your crying. Daddy was so tired the next day he didn't go into work.

Besides going to the doctor, you played for the first time on your playmat. We were so excited to watch you play and grab the rings! We tried putting you on the playmat another day this week and you really enjoyed it until you saw the "green frog" and freaked out.

You also discovered that you have ears this week. You like to put your hands above your head and while doing so you happened to discover that you had an ear. You grabbed your ear and pulled on it, this hurt and you began to cry. Not realizing that it was you who had grabbed your own ear, you pulled harder on it and cried louder. Daddy had to pry your hand off of your ear, he thought this was pretty funny!

You successfully peed on Mommy twice this week. And launched six inch poops at Mommy and Daddy while we were attempting to change your diaper. Good job Bubba! We are glad to know your bowels work.

We also managed to catch you sleeping with one eye open.