October 17, 2014

Post Bike Ride

The morning after the bike ride Andy and I woke up incredibly sore and stiff. We got ready for the day and headed to breakfast with Dad and Julie. We ate breakfast at Pig 'N Pancake. The food wasn't as good as we hoped it would be.

After we ate we headed north up Highway 101 and found ourselves pulled over on the side of the road watching the whales. I could only stand outside for a few minutes because it was cold out and the cold made my joints more stiff. It was really cool though to see whales in the wild, that was a first for both me and Andy.

The dark blob is a whale.
We stopped at Depoe Bay, it is the world's smallest harbor. Dad and Andy went and walked around the bay and Julie and I stayed in the cars (it was too cold). The photos they took of Depoe Bay were really cute, I think Andy and I will need to make another trip up there.

The harbor.

Our next stop was Tillamook. We stopped at the Tillamook Air Museum, the museum is an old blimp hanger. During WWII they stored blimps in it.

Blimp hanger.

Across the street from the museum was a train graveyard. Of course we had to investigate it.

Me, Julie, & Andy.
Andy, Me, & Julie.
Andy, Me, & Julie.
Our last stop was the Tillamook Cheese Factory. We love going to the cheese factory. We enjoyed our fair share of cheese samples and loaded up on ice cream.

Andy & Me.
Love him!
Julie & Dad.
Dad & Julie.
Andy & Me.
Me & Andy.
Dad & Andy.
Andy sure loves his ice cream.
Dad & Andy.
He ate it all.
I found one of my favorite drinks. Don't worry it's a soda.
We enjoyed spending the weekend with Dad and Julie and accomplishing a goal and look forward to doing it again in the future.