October 7, 2014

Lane County Fair

On Saturday July 26th we found ourselves at the Lane County Fair.  We enjoyed looking at the art exhibits, watching the pig races and sea lion show, we looked at most of the animals, and even listened Pat Benatar perform.

Me & Andy.
We really really enjoyed all of the art. Andy and I are both artistic so looking at art is always a treat.

I have a lot of memories watching the pig races at the Puyallup Fair so I was really excited when I learned that there were pig races being held at the Lane County Fair. Andy and I enjoyed watching those little guys race around the track. It's kind of a comical thing, when you think about pigs you don't typically picture them running. If you have never seen pig races you will have to watch them sometime.

The sea lion show was fun to watch and the host was entertaining. The sea lions did lots of tricks and they made us laugh.

I have a love hate relationship with animals. I really like animals but I am very allergic to them. I knew that I would likely have an allergic reaction to the animals but we to see them anyways-- it was worth it.

Pat Benatar is very talented and she can still belt it out. She sounds almost as good live as she does on her album.

All in all it was a great day at the fair and we are glad we went.