October 16, 2014

Bike Ride Photos

Julie took most of these photos while we were on our bike ride. She did such an awesome job with the camera! I'm glad she was able to come, support us, and cheer us on.

Without further adieu here comes an overload of photos.
This is where it started.

The riders.
Handful of ham...

Dad giving me some pointers.

Ready to hit the road.
Andy, Me, & Dad.

We started out riding down to the lighthouse.
It was beautiful out!
Our first hill to climb.
Dad is a such a stud!
Me & Andy.
We stopped to take in the beauty around us.

1st rest stop. 25 miles down, 75 more to go.

Helmet hair.

Riding buddies since, forever.

50 mile rest stop. 50 more miles to go.

Dad and Andy. Andy looks how I felt.

Racing the setting sun.

Most of the time I kill the hills...
Every once in awhile though, the hill kills me.

Dad always kills the hills. Someday I will be as tough as him.

He is smiling cause he killed the hill and we didn't.

Police lights just for us.
We did it! It was a proud moment.

Dad, when can we go again?

And in case anyone was wondering, I'd like some click-ins for Christmas =)