October 2, 2014

Dinner With The Missionaries

When I was growing up the missionaries frequently came to our home (typically 2-3 times a week). Having the missionaries in our home was something that I enjoyed. When we lived in Utah we didn't have the opportunity to have the missionaries over-- too many members and not a lot of missionaries. Having the missionaries in our home was something I really missed. 

In our new ward we have two sets of missionaries (1 set of elders and 1 set of sisters). One Sunday they passed around a sign up sheet to have the missionaries over for dinner. I was so excited to signup! This was the first time since we have been married that we have been able to have the missionaries in our home.

Elder Bethea and Elder Dyorich came over to eat one evening. We fed them dill chicken (this is Andy's favorite), salad, green beans, fruit parfaits, and water with fruit in it. Everyone loved the food and we enjoyed getting to know the elders better. Hopefully we can have them over again sometime.