September 4, 2014

Our First Sunday In Our New Ward

One downside to moving to a place you have never been before is not knowing anybody. During our first week in Oregon, Andy and I longed to go to church. For us, church is a place of familiarity-- it is the same no matter where you are in the world.

We were so happy when Sunday rolled around. We put on our church clothes and  went to find our  new church building and meet our new ward members.

As I was sitting in Relief Society, I could hear the Young Women down the hall reciting the Young Women's Theme. As I listed to the Young Women down the hall, my heart ached inside for my girls back in Orem. Oh how I missed them. I wished that they were there with me. It was also during this moment that I knew I was right where I belong-- in Eugene, Oregon.

It felt so good to be at church, to be surrounded by people who are happy and want to share and express their gratitude to our Heavenly Father. The meetings were all wonderful, it was definitely the spiritual pick me up we needed.