September 8, 2014

A Visit From My Family

My family (Mom, Jake, Sadie, and Megan) came to visit on June 14th and 15th. On Saturday we went to the local farmer's market known as Saturday Market. If I were to sum up Saturday Market in one word that word would be interesting.

As we were walking up to the market we came across this car.


I think it paints a good picture of what was to come at the market.

There were several food trucks and they all had metal silverware, this really confused me. I later learned that they collect the silverware in tubs and they wash them and reuse them (going green?). They also had recycling bins for the paper plates, napkins, etc.

We each grabbed ourselves some lunch and sat down to eat on some steps. As we were eating our lunch Andy accidentally dropped a piece of chicken on the ground. Almost instantaneously an old, very skinny, bearded man, wearing marching band pants and dress shoes picked Andy's chicken up off the ground and said he would eat it if he weren't vegan and then he threw Andy's chicken in the trash. The man then proceeded to eat some sort of fermented or pickled carrots out of a jar (they looked scary).

A few minutes later and band started playing and the same skinny bearded man started dancing all by himself in front of everyone, it was quite comical.  We all had to hold in our laughs.

As we walked around the market we saw all kinds of art. Some of the art was cool and some it was just strange.

I was kind of disappointed because their wasn't a lot of produce. The produce that was for sale was very expensive. I 'm starting to miss my Provo Farmer's Market.

We saw all kinds of different people at the market and smelled a variety of different things including weed. If you want to be culture shocked, go to the Saturday Market.

Next we hit up some of the local thrift stores. Eugene has a ton of thrift stores. I think by the time we were done thrifting we had each found a treasure of some sort.

We stopped to eat some Mexican food before heading home to work on unpacking.

Jake is ready to enjoy some Mexican.
Our house was such a mess you could hardly walk in the door. I'm so glad everyone was able to help us get things situated a little bit more. I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to position everything in the living room while making it feel open-- I think we managed to achieve the goal.

Somehow we (girls) managed to put enough stuff away (the boys were playing Magic) to make enough space on the floor for everyone to sleep. It was a little crowded, but it was good to be with everyone.

Before everyone left the next day, we managed to take a few pictures together. I think the last time we took pictures together was back in 2008, so it's been awhile. I'm glad we were able to spend time together and make some memories.

Being creatures.

Left to Right: Jake, Sadie, Me, Mom, & Megan.

Jake & Andy.

Me & Andy-- I love this photo!

Left to Right: Jake, Sadie, Me, & Megan.

Yay for sisters!

Love these two!
So grateful for my brothers and sisters, we really are each others' best friends.