September 30, 2014

Climbing Spencer's Butte

On Saturday July 19th we climbed to the top of Spencer's Butte (aka Spencer's Butt...haha...yeah we call it that sometimes). There are a few different trails that you can take to reach the summit one is short and very steep and the other is significantly longer with more of a gradual climb. Andy and I decided to take the longer route (it was just over 5 miles round trip).

The hike started out with us walking through a grassy area before the trail lead us into the woods. Most of our hike was spent in the woods before we emerged on the top of the butte. The view from the top was AMAZING! We could see so far.

Me on the trail.
Looking up at a pretty tree.
Me & Andy.
On the summit.

The view from the top.
As we were sitting on top we decided to snack on some dried apricots. Before too long I looked up to see a fat squirrel headed our way and I kind of freaked out (rodents may be cute but they can have rabies). Andy started feeding Fatso (yes, I named him). Fatso would take an apricot, run away, dig a hole, and bury said apricot, and run back to us for more. Fatso was so tame he would take the apricot right out of Andy's hand.

Our favorite squirrel, Fatso doing his hero pose.
Surprise! I'm here.
Andy told me I needed to face my fear of rodents and feed Fatso. I couldn't really argue with him since we made a goal to face our fears this year. So, I fed Fatso.

Fatso had a hole in his ear like he had been tagged before, maybe that is why he was friendly. Or, maybe he was just a pirate in another life.

Spencer's Butte was an awesome hike! I plan on doing this one again.