September 13, 2014

A Visit With My Favorite Chiropractor

My shoulders and neck were really tight for several days. Andy would come home from work to find me in pain. In an attempt to alleviate my pain he would give me a massage and we would do acupressure but the relief was only temporary. Knowing we would be heading to Washington in a few days, I decided to tough out the pain and schedule an appointment with my favorite chiropractor whom we call Brother Britt.

Brother Britt has been like a grandfather to me over the years and I have deep love, respect and appreciation for him. Jake and I used to spend many evenings at his home getting adjustments after throwing hips, ribs, and ankles out running and we really got to know him well. Brother Britt is an amazing painter, collector of dinosaur fossils, a WWII veteran, and a temple worker. Did I mention that he also was the one to seal (marry) me and Andy in the temple?

Brother Britt seemed excited to see us when we arrived at his house and we had a good time catching up with each other. This particular visit was the first time I had seen him in 4 1/2 years. It's crazy how time has just flown by.

Brother Britt attacked me with is a heavy duty massager and then proceeded to adjust my back and neck. Getting my neck adjusted in never a fun experience but it is cosmical. Typically a neck adjust me goes something like this:

Brother Britt: ___ is out.
Me: Okay.
Brother Britt: Relax.
(I don't relax).
Brother Britt: Relax. This is going to hurt if you don't relax.
(He then proceeds to smack me lightly with his hand--this usually does the trick).
Me: Uhhh.

Somehow this above mentioned process works and I always feel better.

On this particular visit I learned that my knees were dislocated  (that's a first) and Brother Britt just popped them back in. 

Andy was so fascinated that Brother Britt was able to just put my knees back in place. He asked Brother Britt how he put them back in. Brother Britt told Andy to lay down on the table and proceeded to put Andy's knees back in place too.

Andy was stunned by how different his legs immediately felt. Apparently Andy's knees had been out most of his life and he didn't know it. This also explains why running hurt him so much.

I'm so grateful that we were able to catch up with Brother Britt and that he was able to help us feel better. I can't believe he is still practicing chiropractics at 89 years old!

*Note* Getting your knees put back in hurts worse than getting your neck adjusted.