January 8, 2018

Utah Christmas Adventures Part 3

We were hoping we wouldn't get sick on this trip, Bubba, but luck was not on our side. Monday night you were barking like a seal (the dreaded croup), it was bad. I made a midnight run to the store to pick up a cool mist humidifier to help you get through the night.

On Tuesday my ears were hurting a little bit, but I didn't think too much about it. We did take you into the doctor though to get you some steroids to help you breath easier and I wanted to get your ears checked since we were to fly out the next day. Your ears were just fine-- Heavenly Father answered our prayer there.

Daddy asked if I wanted to be seen too and I told him I would be fine until we got home-- that was a decision I would soon regret.

The next day we flew from Salt Lake to Portland and from Portland to Eugene. Papa flew on the first flight with us, it is always nice to have some extra hands. As we were starting our decent into Portland my ears hurt so bad. By the time we were on the ground they were plugged pretty bad. The second flight was worse than the first, the pain in my ears was severe. That evening I could not hear out of my right ear and my left ear was incredibly plugged. I did everything I could think of to get my ears to pop. My ear drums felt like they were going to rupture. I accidentally turned my head to the side and the pressure drained. I don't know how or why that worked but it was amazing!

The next several days were miserable. My airway swelled up, my throat hurt, I could hardly talk and I was coughing up a rainbow. Friday I drug myself to the doctors office. I was diagnosed with double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection that is supposed to last for about two weeks. I can't tell you how grateful I am for antibiotics.

Saturday, Daddy came down with the same thing.

It's been rough, but we are surviving.

The washing machine broke right before we left to go to Utah. We ordered a part while we were gone in hope that changing out the part would fix the problem. We soon learned that we didn't need a new part. Your sock got sucked down a hose and into a motor on the washing machine. I'm sure glad your Dad knows how to fix things.

What was left of your sock.