January 21, 2018

Bubba At 14 Months

I realize that "belly badges" stop once a child turns one, but I want to continue to give monthly updates on Bubba.

Bubba, we feel so blessed and privileged to be your parents. You bring so much joy, love, mischief and adventure into our lives. You find the simplest things to be hilarious, like Mommy blowing on your food to cool it down. You laugh and you laugh and you laugh. That little laugh of yours is sure contagious.

You have been walking for just under a month now and you get better at walking every single day. It won't be too long before you start running.

You love to sing! Your favorite songs are "Popcorn Popping" and "Old McDonald". You know when we get to your parts and you proudly sing along.

You look forward to going outside on a walk each day and you enjoying feeding the chickens.

You currently have 7 teeth- three on top and four on the bottom. There is another top tooth that looks like it will pop through any day now.

Got poop?


Chocolate avocado mousse.

We love you little one! Stay sweet.