January 1, 2018

Utah Christmas Adventures Part 2

We are still in Utah and keeping ourselves busy. There never seems to be enough time to see and do all of the things we want to when we are on a trip.


We woke up to 8 inches of snow on the ground, it made for the perfect Christmas morning. I am so grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ. I feel blessed to have a personal relationship with Him and God the Father. I love that the Christmas season gives us the chance to remember everything He did for us.

Hanging out with Papa.

We enjoyed spending time with Nana, Papa and Uncle Russell. We opened gifts and then took you sledding for the first time, Bubba. You loved sledding! You giggled with delight the whole way down the hill.

Our little sock monkey.

Tuesday - Friday

We drove out to the Uinta Basin to spend time with Daddy's side of the family. We enjoyed playing games, eating at the lodge and spending time with family. On Friday, we drove to Vernal with Uncle Shaun and went swimming at the aquatic center. You enjoyed splashing around the pool! You love the water so much! It was fun to watch you kick your legs. Daddy and Uncle Shaun both went off the high dive.

Spending time with Great Grandpa & Great Grandma.

You liked crawling on this thing because it made it move.

On our way back to the house, we stopped at the high school so Uncle Shaun could sing the national anthem for the school basketball game-- he  did a good job! It was fun to walk around and see where Daddy went to school.

Uncle Shaun.

Daddy's old high school.

Union Cougars.

Where's Daddy?


On Saturday we headed back out the Wasatch Front. We stopped at BYU and picked up a few things from the bookstore. Campus has sure changed a lot in the last few years. I wish we had more time to see and explore some of the changes.

Then we headed down the road to see the new Provo City Center Temple. When Daddy and I were newly weds what is now the temple used to be a tabernacle. We attended stake conference in the tabernacle and one winter day in December the tabernacle caught fire and was pretty much completely destroyed. The outer walls of the tabernacle survived along with a picture of Christ, it was burned around the edges. We wondered what would become of this once magnificent structure. We were thrilled when we heard the announcement that it was going to become a temple!

The now temple is simply beautiful! We walked around the temple grounds and looked at the Christus with you. I can't wait to go back someday and do some work in that temple, it holds a special place in my heart.

We ate dinner with my good friend Shannon and her little family. This was the first time I had seen Shannon in over four years. She is now married and has a cute baby boy. It was so good to meet everyone and catch up! I wish that we had had more time to spend together.

Shannon & Mommy- you know you're good friends when you dress alike lol.


We spent Sunday afternoon and evening with our good friends Trent and Kirsten and their little boys. Once again, it was so good to see our friends! We stayed up late playing board games and talking about life.We rang in the new year in the car on the way back to Nana and Papa's house.

As far as development goes, you decided to start walking the day after Christmas. You took about 20 steps before you fell. We are so proud of you! At the same time my heart breaks a little bit because you are growing up so fast.

And you also cut another tooth on the top.