January 30, 2018

Monday Adventures

Hopefully your Monday was better than mine. Normally I don't mind Mondays, but yesterday was brutal! The day started off with learning that something I had been working hard towards wasn't going to happen. It was a bummer, but that is life sometimes.

Just as I was getting ready to head out the door to an appointment Bubba decided to eat my stick of deodorant. We got to make a first call to Poison Control, oh boy! He should be okay, but I was late to my appointment.

Our insurance coverage recently changed. My husband's workplace claimed that the changes would save us money, I learned that that was not true. The change is going to cost of several more thousand dollars out of pocket. This wasn't happy news.

Then Bubba and I ran to the store to get supplies to make Valentine's Day cards. Bubba ripped an item off the shelf and broke it and you know who got to pay for it. My phone decided it didn't want to work and I wasn't able to pull up the coupons I was planning on using.

When we got home I attempted to put a very tired Bubba down for a nap and he protested for quite some time, this was not an enjoyable experience for either one of us.

By this point in time I was starting to feel depressed and pretty defeated. While Bubba slept I worked on Valentine's Day cards to try and help myself feel better.

The cards helped a little bit, but I needed something more so I decided to surprise our neighbors who have been sick with dinner. They were incredibly grateful!

The day ended with Bubba throwing an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet (tube and all) and attempting to flush it. He wasn't very happy when the roll didn't go down the hole and Daddy discovered what he was up to. Busted!

I can't say that it was the best day I have ever had but, I survived.