August 7, 2017

Sweet Creek Falls

It was a busy week for us, Bubba. Sleeping in your own room has been hit and miss, but overall I think it has been a positive thing. You seem to sleep for longer durations of time in your own room and that is a plus for all of us.

The H.O.A. election took place on Wednesday evening (it was 107 degrees that day). All of my door knocking paid off, I won a spot on the Board of Directors and will now be serving as the Secretary. What made the election even better was the other people that I was hoping would make it onto the board did. Here's hoping we can make some great things take place!

Life has been so busy lately that we haven't been able to get out and hike as much as we would like to. This Saturday we decided that we could all use some time outdoors. It has been really smokey here in the valley so we decided to head out towards the coast. We hiked Sweet Creek Falls, this trail is a hidden gem.

The hike is approximately a mile and a half long and a gradual climb. The entire trail is in the woods and runs along the "creek" which is more like a river. There are pools of water the are scattered throughout the creek that you can swim in. The scenery is just breathtaking. This is probably the prettiest hike we have ever done!

As we were hiking along, Andy pointed out a bird's nest with baby birds in it. I had never seen a nest with little birds in it before, the whole scene was beautiful!

Bubba's first time waving and somehow we happened to catch it on camera.

We hope to go back and do this hike again. Next time we will be sure to bring out swimming suits and crawdad traps (we saw quite of few of them, they were orange in color).

As for you Bubba, you have really taken to this rolling thing. You have been rolling all over the place! I would not be surprised if you start crawling soon. You have also gotten a lot better at sitting up on your own. I am still afraid though that you will throw yourself backwards and hit your head on the ground-- I guess that's how you learn though. As much as I want to protect you from everything, I know I can't.