August 28, 2017

A Weeks Of Milestones

I think it is safe to say that we reached a lot of milestones this week, Bubba. On Monday you turned 9 months old! How that is even possible is beyond me. It feels like it was just yesterday that you were born.

Monday was also Eclipse Day as it has come to be known. This particular eclipse traveled across the United States. We live about forty minutes away from the zone where you were able to see the eclipse in totality. From our house we could see 99.4% of the eclipse. You fell asleep right before the eclipse happened, so I watched it on our back porch by myself. Daddy watched it at work with his co-workers. We both noticed that the temperature changed, it got significantly colder outside. The lighting outside looked more like dusk than a sunshiny day. It was a really neat experience! If there is ever another eclipse while we live in Oregon, I think we will drive to the totality zone to watch it.

As I was watching the eclipse I couldn't help but think of God. Events like this are not happenstance they are works of the Master's hands. I'm so grateful that we have a loving Heavenly Father who creates such magnificent works of art for our enjoyment.

On Saturday we took you to the Oregon State Fair. This was your first time going to the Oregon State Fair and probably the last time we will take you-- there was a really disturbing booth at the fair, but we can talk more about that in another post.

The toughest Oregon State Trooper.

At the fair we looked at the art and horticulture exhibits-- Mommy and Daddy both really enjoyed that. And then we found the animals. The animals were your favorite part of the fair, Bubba. You enjoyed looking at the chickens, geese, sheep, goats, lamas, horses, ponies and pigs. We loved watching the excitement on your face each time you saw a new animal!

We cooled off outside in some mist.

The car ride home was a rough one! You were really tired and cried most of the way home.

Saturday also marked our first anniversary as homeowners. I can't even believe it has been a year already! We have made so many improvements to our home, but we have a long way to go yet. We have painted the entire inside of the house, we put sheet rock, insulation and shelving in the garage, we put in new light fixtures, we have scrubbed the inside and outside of the house from top to bottom. We have also put in some garden boxes, built a chicken coop, pruned the trees and worked on the overall landscaping. Someday, we will have everything the way we want it to be.

Sunday was 40 weeks and 6 days since you were born, little one. You spent 40 weeks and 6 days in my tummy, so I am counting that as a milestone too!

This week we decided it was time to start sleep training you. This decision was something we had been thinking about, but one night after getting only four hours of sleep we decided it was time. The last few days have been a little rough, but we are started to see some positive changes take place.

We love you so much little one! I know words on a page can't express the depth of our love for you, but I hope that as you grow older you will feel that love. Our lives wouldn't be complete without you!